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About Us

Dobe Dudes is story-driven, evolving PFP brand project created by an army of great artists, writers, designers and of course Web 3 degens. Backed by Web 2 creative agency. It aims to create a great experience with its art, story, evolvement mechanisms, and more. By owning a Dobe Dudes NFT collectible, you can participate in shaping story narrative, and live the experience of evolving art and community based on the story.

Dobe Dudes Artwork

158 Unique Traits with most badass dobes here in solana.

Dobe Dudes Roadmap


We believe evolving is one of the critical factors for a project to survive. Dobe Dudes is being built on a Dynamic Roadmap that is a part of the story. As we progress with the story of the Dobe Dudes, the roadmap will continue to unfold, revealing utilities and news in the project. We like to think of it as the evolving roadmap.

You will be able to participate in the story of the dobeverse with trait-based missions. Every mission is designed carefully to reflect the current state of the dobeverse and the story. We aim to create a unique story/mission experience.

With experience and loot from missions, you will also be able to upgrade the traits of your Dobes. Make it even more handsome, join more missions and gain more advantages!

Enough said. Dynamic Roadmap with a unique experience. A lot to be revealed. Let’s explore together!

Dobe Dudes Story

The Lore - Part 1

Cigar Smoking Soldier Dobe Dude Character

The year is 2980, and the world is coming to an end.

This wasn't the result of an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse like in the movies.

No, this was a fate entirely of humanity's own making. Humans screwed themselves. They milked the Earth for all its natural resources, and now the planet doesn’t have anything left to give.

For centuries, humans had plundered the earth of its natural resources, never considering the consequences of their actions. And now, as the planet lay dying, they were reaping what they had sowed.

Fossils were a thing of the past, and climate change had brought about a new ice age. Acid rain fell from the skies, and natural disasters ravaged the land. Volcanoes erupted around the globe like the continents were competing - I’ve got more lava! No, you son of a *, I do! spewing lava and ash into the air.

The human population grew so unfathomably large that they were at each other’s throats. It got really ugly.

During a time when some humans were doing their best to bring about the end of their existence, others tried to change their fate and save the world. It was dogs, man's best friend, who had all the answers.

During the late twenty-first century, sometime around 2080, dogs, well, just Dobermans, to be exact, started evolving at an exponential rate. No one knows why. Maybe it was a gift from god. Perhaps some humans messed with their genes trying to play god.

I know that Dobermans became much more intelligent than humans within a few short centuries. Initially, scientists did all sorts of experiments to determine why they were getting more intelligent, but by the end of the twenty-third century, the Dobermans were calling the shots.

They became the world’s leading minds. But even though they couldn’t undo the damage that had been done, all they managed to do was delay the inevitable.

Over the centuries, the Dobermans worked with humans to save the planet, but some idiots of cosmic proportions still managed to screw things up.


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